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Interview with Adobe’s Primary Developer of Rich Internet Applications Mark Anders

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Mark Anders is a senior principal scientist at Adobe Systems, and one of his core responsibilities is to make Flash the platform for building the next generation of rich internet applications. Prior to Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, Anders started and led the Flex Builder Team, but he is probably best known for his work at Microsoft, where during a decade-long …

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Manage Your Businesses Internet Marketing with twtapps

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Twitter has skyrocketed into mainstream with seemingly no meaning behind it. The simple application allowing everyone in the world to share what they’re doing, thinking, or feeling in 140 characters has grown into one of the most popular web 2.0 applications on the web, and it’s no doubt there are many apps on the web to accompany it. Although not …

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Display Your High-Resolution Photos Online with

In Personal, Photos, Web 2.0 by Inside The Webb14 Comments is another great web 2.0 application I stumbled upon while browsing the net. It allows photo enthusiasts, designers, professional photographers, and really anyone who takes pictures to upload their photos in high-resolution. The problem with many other image hosting services is that they cap limits on the site of the photos, or just re-size them. allows full HD …

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The 3Com Audrey

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The Internet has become extremely popular within the last few years, however there are many people throughout the world that cannot afford to invest money on expensive PC systems to access this vast service of information and services.  To combat this problem, products have been released recently to allow Internet access at a reduced cost, a complete Internet solution without …