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Why is Mashable so Quick to Promote Google Buzz?

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Mashable is one huge blog, a very large competitor to Inside the Webb and what I wish we could be someday! They run some amazing articles about social networking, social media, tech news, and everything internet related. They usually have articles hitting the front page of Digg and Delicious, gaining well into 1500+ ReTweets and tons of Stumbles: bottom line, …

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How Profitable are Niche Video Game Forums and Communities?

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A big part of the web 2.0 boom is communication. People are communicating now more than ever, and it’s not a surprise. With the vast size of apps these days, along with almost every website running some type of forum or blog, users are more connected than ever! Many marketers can see ways to utilizing this new “social networking fever” …

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Interview with Virtual Online Gaming Community FactPile

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There are so many great online gaming communities. Video games have taken a huge rise in popularity over the years, and what a better way to celebrate your favorite games than hanging out with like-minded people on a fun and active community? FactPile does just that, collecting all gamers and tech-lovers from around the globe to interact and enjoy the …