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Social Commerce in a nutshell – the next generation of marketing!

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In today’s modern world, traditional forms of marketing and commerce are being replaced and overtaken by their digital counterparts. The internet has revolutionised the way that we do business and it has presented us with a plethora of new avenues for sales and revenue. One relatively new type of process we are seeing a surge in is social commerce. This …

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Vero: A Barely Functional Instagram Rival

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To a bit of everyone’s surprise, a new social-media-app rocked the internet to the very top of the free app charts. People compare Vero to being a little bit like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all wrapped up into one. In no way shape or form is VERO going to surpass any of those quality social sites, however, yeah, it’s not going to happen! You …

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Twitter dumps its neglected Mac app

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Twitter’s app has built up quite the reputation of Mac users: slow, buggy, and continually neglected. Finally, the company has decided to give up on the troubled app. Twitter has announced an official end to support for the Mac app, beginning in 30 days. The app has already been discontinued for download. We're focusing our efforts on a great Twitter …

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Facebook Admits SMS Notifications Were an Error

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Facebook works hard to protect user accounts from a variety of threats. Many people were surprised when they started to receive impromptu messages on their accounts. There is a dual function account authorization service that is provided by Facebook themselves. That should have blocked any incoming messages that were unwanted. But the complaints persisted and a deeper look was in …

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Kevin Rose Looking to Step Down as CEO of

In Business, Social Media by Inside The Webb4 Comments

In Episode 11 of The Random Show, Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss discuss internet venture news, latest ongoings in the tech world and their own personal lives. It’s really a great program, and the latest episode showcased some fascinating news. The episode is just over 34 mins. long, but you can catch Kevin’s discussion on Digg from this video link.