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Gallery of Newest Pligg Launches for 2011

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The Pligg CMS has grown tremendously in just a few years time. The development team is hard at work constantly churning out updates and new patches for their libraries. Often times the community is able to release new collections and launches of the most popular brands running the open source script.

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Why Digg’s New Ad System is Gaining Popularity

In Internet Marketing, Social Media by Inside The Webb8 Comments

Digg has always been an extremely innovative company. Launching into the social news bit in 2004, the site has grown immensely popular with monthly pageviews in the tens of millions. Digg’s popularity has allowed for a counter-culture of internet users to become Diggers, voting on the best stories to hit the front page and sent traffic spikes to interesting and …

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Interview with URL Shortener

In Fun Sites, Internet Marketing, Web 2.0 by Inside The Webb10 Comments

New URL Shortening services hit the web every week it seems. I can remember not too long ago when TinyURL was just starting up, and that hit with a huge bang. Ever since then, there have been countless creations of URL shorteners (where some even provided stats). However, only a select few have really succeeded to hit mainstream popularity and …

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Founder of Answers Questions From Redditors

In Internet Marketing, Social Networking, Web 2.0 by Inside The Webb20 Comments has spread across many social networking hubs, forums, and internet chatrooms rapidly over the past few months. It’s a new site with a very simple concept: you log in anonymously and talk to someone else. Someone random, someone you’ve *probably* never even met before, just talking about whatever. It seems like a breeding ground for spam and pranks, but …