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The Game-changing Intel New Graphics Driver

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Great news for gamers out there, as Intel has done vital modifications to create processors with integrated graphics. People with PCs or laptops that may be incompatible with running computer games will be pleased. Why? Because the newly launched driver update will enable their systems to be automatically optimized and enhance their machines gaming capacities. You can install this Intel …

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Vaunt: Intel Smart Glasses

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In past years, many companies including Google have developed and released smart glasses. Although no product like Intel smart glasses has been seen before. Just recently, the famous technology company Intel announced the smart glasses called Vaunt. These glasses are hard to distinguish from regular glasses due to their generic design and have a special screen with a unique software. …

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Apple HomePod Review

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Apple has been on top of the market for a while now. They have had tremendous success with mobile and computer-based devices. They have also excelled in the tablet market with the highly acclaimed iPad. Just recently, this multi-billion dollar company has announced the Apple HomePod, a brand-new smart speaker. Apple HomePod Review The product was released on the market …

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What is the Intel i9? Price and Specifications

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Currently, Intel is most prominently known for their processor chips widely used in consumer goods. Nowadays, most common household desktops use the i7, i5, and i3 Intel processors. Although just recently, Intel has announced the new i9 series. The specifications, price, and comparison of the new Intel i9 chip will be discussed below. Without a doubt, the i9 CPU is …