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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Quick Overview

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Lately I’ve been carrying out some work involving the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). There is tons of information about FOIA on the web including on the official website, however I decided to summarize the main points of this law in an easy to read / digestible format. This article is broken down into three main parts, a brief intro, …

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Saving Time and Reducing Distractions with Instapaper

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Working on the Internet can become burdensome as you find yourself becoming distracted more frequently. There have been apps created to help organize your time and planning, but these aren’t always too great. With news becoming more prevalent than ever before it’s not a surprise to find our society addicted to information.

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Kevin Rose Looking to Step Down as CEO of

In Business, Social Media by Inside The Webb4 Comments

In Episode 11 of The Random Show, Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss discuss internet venture news, latest ongoings in the tech world and their own personal lives. It’s really a great program, and the latest episode showcased some fascinating news. The episode is just over 34 mins. long, but you can catch Kevin’s discussion on Digg from this video link.