Newest Pligg Venture BizSugar: Social News for Business

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I’ve been an avid fan of Pligg CMS for a long time now. It’s an open source project, allowing anyone to download and run their own social news community similar to Digg and Reddit. I have my own case study for Pligg as well, and recently BizSugar has caught my attention.

The domain and brand of BizSugar has been included on “web 2.0 site” lists and directories for a long time now. However, the recent re-branding and marketing campaign done by the BizSugar team has launched the site into popularity. I’ve seen ads running on Digg, Mixx, and even Mashable among a few other popular sites.


What makes BizSugar so unique and interesting is how the content is related to such a wide market of people. In general, most news hitting the front page is on business, finance, web startups, etc. There’s also room for freelance articles, designs and tutorials, among talk of internet and tech trends.

I’ve been a part of the community for a few weeks now, and I have to say it’s a very vibrant and active site. Most stories hitting the front page end up with 20+ votes. This is a substantial increase than seen on most other Pligg sites such as Design Float.

A huge benefit for FP stores isn’t just the initial traffic, but BizSugar also adds Re-Tweet buttons to their stories. This means if you can amass a fairly decent amount of ReTweets for your articles, it shouldn’t be too hard to hit popular in TweetMeme, either. This is truly the power of social media at it’s finest.

I’m excited to see the community grow. Clearly the administrators behind the site are doing an amazing job, and the marketing campaigns running throughout the net have been attracting plenty of visitors. I’ll be using the site heavily as a very active user, so if you’re into the social news scene I highly recommend giving it a go.


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