GeoTagging Network Foursquare Nears 1 Million Checkins Daily

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The hugely popular social networking and geotagging solution FourSquare has been rising through the ranks over the past few months. Skyrocketing into popularity, the company’s official Twitter account @foursquare posted an update yesterday regarding the massive influx in updates.

In their excited tweet, it is mentioned that Foursquare is now passing a huge turning point in their success. Clearly more people are hopping on the geo-network bandwagon, and it’s catching on fast. Even with Facebook opening it’s doors to a geo-tagging app, Foursquare still seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.


The staff seems really excited, and to be completely honest I am as well. Foursquare is one of the new web 2.0 technologies I can really get behind, their innovation and creativity is something you just don’t see on the web these days. Quoted directly from Foursquare’s Twitter, their tweet goes as follows:

Remember when it was a big deal that we were doing 1 checkin per second? Ah, those were the days… we’re 10+ checkins per second right now (Retweeted by 75 people)

So only time will truly tell this apps performance. I’m obviously backing the idea, I’m trying to ramp up my profile Who knows, with innovation like this Facebook could be obsolete technology!


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