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Useful Blogging and Writings Tips from Blogussion

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I’ve been a huge fan of Blogussion for a long time now. For those who don’t know, they’re a quality blog in regards to blogging tips, writing techniques, time management and focusing on goals of making money online through blogging. There are many others in this niche (ProBlogger comes to mind), but nobody really delves deeply into details and provides …

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Inside the Webb v3.0 Launches Live!

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Version 3.0 of Inside the Webb has finally launched live. Since our last design update in December I’ve been busy at work contemplating how I could take Inside the Webb to the next level. Well it hit me about a week ago, and since then I’ve been tweaking the latest and greatest design launch!

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Mixx Partners with Marketfish for New Ad Platform

In Social Media by Inside The Webb4 Comments

With the popularity of social news, there have been many launches and premieres of new apps on the scene. One of the most popular and rising clone site’s is Very similar to Digg, Mixx allows users to vote up the hottest articles and news based on categories ranging from world news, technology, science, and gaming.

Our Nokies (BRME) Website Launches

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The initial website for Blue Ridge Mountain Exchange (BRME) has launched.  The Roanoke local currency project is on hold while a Virginia statutory prohibition on scrip currency is under review. This prohibition likely arose during the Great Depression when payment in scrip to coal miners who could only use it to make purchases at the “company store” was a notorious …

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Why Digg’s New Ad System is Gaining Popularity

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Digg has always been an extremely innovative company. Launching into the social news bit in 2004, the site has grown immensely popular with monthly pageviews in the tens of millions. Digg’s popularity has allowed for a counter-culture of internet users to become Diggers, voting on the best stories to hit the front page and sent traffic spikes to interesting and …